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hi, I'm jane. I have a food blog called this week for dinner. I love chocolate and music, in that order. this is my kitchen playlist...favorites, new discoveries, whatever music we're listening to!

I will add each song featured here to a Spotify playlist called Kitchen Tunage, which you can follow here.
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little black submarines. the black keys.

I think this is my favorite black keys song and it’s finally on spotify, so it’s going on the playlist!

this is my recap of the grammy’s, which appears on thespoileralert.com



so, nothing too crazy happened on the grammy’s this year, but there are a few things that, well, had us entertained to say the least. let’s just run through them, point-by-point, shall we?

  • I think it’s super great that pharrell williams decided to dress up as smokey the bear to, you know,…

gun. chvrches.

I have had this song on my list of “songs I need to go back and look into” for a while, and my cousin amanda just reminded me about it. glad she did, it’s definitely needs to be on my kitchen playlist! 

do i wanna know. arctic monkeys.

I’m also going to add ‘r u mine?’ to the playlist. because they’re both great songs. sort of a darker sounding black keys. 

tired. adele.

one of my favorite songs. also, adele’s second album is great, but I don’t think she will ever beat the debut album. there’s just something about it.

I need to rant about “dirty paws” by of monsters & men for a moment. (it’s my music blog and I’ll cry if I want to.)

we need to start this discussion with edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. I think it’s safe to say they were one of the first to popularize the hippy-dippy folk sound that is so big now. you know, lots of guitar, tambourine, choruses of voices, “heys” and “hos,” and whistling. YOU KNOW what I’m talking about. I love the lumineers to pieces, but from day one they sounded like edward sharpe to me. of monsters & men is another that has shot to fame and fortune with this sound. which leads me to today’s rant.

I don’t mind that there are many bands making this type of music. I like the genre and it’s great to have a variety of bands to choose from. but “dirty paws,” as great a song as it is, it’s SUCH a rip-off of “home” by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros that I can’t even listen to it. 

if you haven’t noticed this yet, here’s what you need to do. go to 0:54 in “dirty paws” and start singing “ohhh, home. we’re going home. home is wherever I’m with you.” IT FITS PERFECTLY. not only is the drumbeat in this song almost exactly the same as “home,” but the chord progressions are the same, too. they even put in the same exact kind of “hey!” or “ho!” or whatever it is.

come to think of it, it’s not just this song that’s a rip-off. of monsters and men even is a ridiculously long band name with an “and” in it. there’s a girl lead singer and a guy lead singer. THE PLOT THICKENS. hello, edward sharpe wannabes. it looks like people have been saying this since “little talks” came out, but “dirty paws” is even more egregious.

okay, I’m done. I just hope edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros make more money on “home” than of monsters & men makes on “dirty paws.” that is the only way all will be right with the world.

also, “dirty paws” is NOT going on my playlist. but “home” is.

all things all at once. tired pony.

another good, mellow song for when I’m working and cooking. it’s also incredibly hum-worthy. ;)

cough syrup. young the giant.

just another good song that needs to be on my kitchen playlist.

okay, so there’s a part of this song that sounds just like a song from the 80s but I can’t figure it out. so, someone help me! it’s at around the 0:52 mark, “I-I, should have found, by now.” 1-2-3-GO! winner gets a hug.

daylight. matt and kim.

matt and kim songs just make me happy. maybe it’s because the drummer NEVER STOPS SMILING.

warning sign. coldplay.

an oldie but goodie. seriously, SO good. one of my favorite songs of all songs.

welcome home. radical son.

totally loving this song, love the build, love the rhythms. it’s a good one.

reunite. isbells.

just discovered isbells. great music to listen to in the background when I’m working. really liking it. some of the songs are a little reminiscent of simon & garfunkel, but in a modern way.

The Kitchen Tunage Christmas Playlist is filled! Happy Listening!

shake. the head and the heart.

love. this. song.

Kitchen Tunage has a Christmas playlist. Happy Holidays!